Five documentaries, each one follows the journey of one country’s icon. Sharing their intimate spaces, for over two-three years, we reveal compelling human stories that illuminate the larger issues at stake for each of these ingenious communities. Unraveling fashion conspiracies of a mega-million dollar market, where workers live between jobs and talent is sold namelessly to provide global high-streets cheaper options.Providing a counter-point of view, through thought-provoking interviews with local activist, global journalists, confronting politicians and sweatshop owners who exhibit little regard for the damage they are knowingly inflicting in pursuit of money, we investigate the real truth behind ‘Cleaning up Fashion’, examining the damaging effect on emerging cultural identities.

With a promise to inform our audiences about options for ‘Fair Trade’, the series is a socio-psychographic snapshot of five emerging eastern economies buffeting the impact of irregular national policies and corrupt monopolies. Filmed over two to three years, each film goes from shared spaces with our protagonist’s in their personal lives into war torn streets of Pakistan and Sri Lanka, from scenic villages of Rajasthan to dark sweatshops in Bangladesh, from glitzy malls in UAE & red carpet ramps of USA to souqs in Mumbai, revealing the diametric disparity-a wake-up call for those who are truly fashion conscious beyond brag-tag. As part of the film's plan to implement change, the design exchange is a council advisory arm works between nations buffeting a similar fate. Building partnerships, showcasing their designers across borders, signing MOU between these nations, setting precedent on how design and culture set precursor for peace and growth through information sharing on developing ‘the business of fashion’ in the east.