Imagine countries, where 7/10 people wear garments produced in their country, exported for a fistful of dollars, re-imported and sold back to them with 200% premium!! Tagged and taxed with western labels and taxes. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE, nations with 10,000 year old textile and crafts traditions are been systematically decimated. As their minimal infrastructure is used to fuel global retail, theirtalent as faceless fodder their local labels are often refused retail and manufacturing infrastructure in their own countries. Whilst ‘exports’ are given subsidies, local brands face heavy taxation. Unable to get local brands, these countries are sold on mass market rejects, gray market copies or are forced to re-import what they have produced paying a hefty margin, their cultural identity is also bleached away by this neo-colonialism.

Refuting this economical and emotional servitude, questioning national policies, a few visionary icons battle the corrupt socio-political and economic agendas of profiteering politicians and garment manufactures. Defiantly ushering in a Cultural Revolution, shepherding in nascent design & craft communities, using threads of tradition to nurture national labels, they hope to beat their sweatshop curse. Modern Mahatmas, reviving rare arts and crafts, stirring up socio-cultural consciousness in an ecologically, socially, and geopolitically fair manner. Their trajectory is heartwarming yet humbling, sans subsidies, sans support they seek to educate, engage and empower, liberating the lives of 23 Million workers affiliated with their garment industry.