It all started with a cross border cross media project, when Pakistani designers showcased in India for the first time. It was this moment that crystallized the importance of using culture and design as a vehicle to go beyond borders, to set the precursor of peace to share and celebrate cultures and commonalities

Ambitiously going from reel to real, Threads of Tradition mirrors this ethos through the series, something we do offline too. We thank the democratic design councils for giving us the opportunity to create this exchange for designers. Through MOU (Memorandums of Understanding) between nations we are to build podiums across borders- a sort of talent exchange.

This gives designers from one country and opportunity to show in another and vice-versa. Going beyond exploring just new platforms this has swiftly become a way to share expertise, ideas, talent and traditional techniques between nations. Like minded achievers from South Asia and Middle East come together, addressing issues they collectively face, creating new cultural/ creative ideologies.