Shooting in a 36Degrees Indian summer May 10th 2008, our faces were fanned by cool breezes, encouraged by the Islamic technique cross ventilation through its 953 niches. Marveling the majesty of this monument- even though it was supported on stilts undergoing restoration- we imagined the pleasure of travelers who would enjoy this incredible heritage site when it was unveiled.
But this was not meant to be!
7.35 PM, May 13th:- Seven Bombs ripped the city of Jaipur; five of them targeting Hawa Mahal. Why? Terrorism has truly neither religion nor belief; the rational behind this random act of terrorism remains unclear. The ongoing blame game makes is political power play that fits bang with the agenda of the various political groups vying for ‘the office chair’ in an election year.
A ploy to shatter the fragile peace between India, Bangladesh and Pakistan; with officials finger pointing to Bangladesh-based Harkut-ul-Jehadi Islami; but Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje states "We have got slender leads, but not a definite lead in the case”. A group calling themselves Indian Mujahideen, lays claim to this carnage through a video clip via email; but investigating agencies doubt its genuineness –due to large discrepancies.
Acts of terrorism are born out of frustration, hatred for fellow human beings and vindictiveness and carried out by misguided youth under the influence of mindless, inhuman groups. India’s first loss is the death of 64 people and personal injury of150 persons- a lot were children and women. But the destruction of Hawa Mahal is the loss to the future generations of Indians.