The sketch and idea of the couturier is a concept, but it is these ateliers that will entirely translate the concept into reality. The couturier and his concept is what fuel the technical knowledge of the master drapers who learned their trade from schools first and then interned with a lineage of illustrious drapers later. There is an amazing hierarchy in these workshops where each worker is classified into a degree of perfection of work according to which he gets his professional denomination and is referred to accordingly.
They are not your average doorstep darzi, these workers all come to the atelier on time, in their own cars, have families and houses and children who are all educated (as they are financed by high earning salaries that these specialized workers earn). There is a consistency in the employment at the atelier. They would also have all the fringe benefits of employment; that would include insurance, paid holidays and much more, deservedly so, it’s based on education.