Haute Couture and its clinically silent workshops of specialized workers clad in white cotton coats, all working systematically for the millimeter of perfection in the fit of exquisite garments ... a result of centuries of garment making ... and creating tradition. These concepts that seem to come effortlessly from the designer are based on a lengthy and profound schooling and knowledge of garment construction and textiles combined with an amazing dose of the Arts, History, Sociology and much reflect the culture of the times we live in.

Haute Couture, a phenomenon that can be called the beginning of organized Fashion, i.e. the calendar that is the worldwide reference of presentation, fabrication and deliveries of clothes to this day, dates back to the 1850s. Prior to that date there were only tailors working for individual clients, there was no industry till then. Charles Fredrick Worth, an Englishman invented the Fashion System at that time and set up the Couture Syndicate in Paris, a system still replicated all over the world … all Fashion Weeks on the planet today still follow the same system, and this partially explains why Paris is so predominant in the fashion world: ‘Fashion’ was invented there.