Fashion shows are a global phenomenon, but while we all agree it’s about glamour and the glitz, or much rather what it should be about.... why is a fashion show so fascinating? Because it is beauty that is alive, a form of 'Art' that hardly exists in any other realm. Beautiful women striding down an aisle, wearing beautiful clothes, sashaying to beautiful music, being applauded by beautiful people sitting in the front row; so unique is this phenomena that is has developed into a sub-culture of its own.
The whole world is completely fascinated by this medium, India as well; fashion is 'very fashionable' these days. A reflection of society and lifestyle, fashion is regarded a sign-o-times. But I often wonder how come Indian fashion setup reflects mostly a lifestyle that is not ours. How does an arm chair critique from a ‘designer magazine’ decide to praise the 'cute little spring dresses' as ‘contemporary’ ... when there is no spring in (most parts of) India?