Dear Soniya,
You guys have spoilt me with professional write-ups so please correct or edit if you felt the need lol:
After filming for 2 years and never seeing even a clip of the documentary (except the promo), I was at first very nervous to see what the final cut looked and felt like. However, in a matter of minutes, not only was I at ease but I was back in history reliving my experiences and that of Zahra and Deeya's. I was excited and happy at times; sad and serious at times; and laughing or smiling at the rest. It was surreal watching myself go through all of the ups & downs and persevere. I saw myself grow and rediscover myself as a designer & visionary. I enjoyed watching my passion show on big screen; it motivated me to keep working harder and never think about stopping what I do despite of challenges that still exist. I felt humbled and grateful to experience how far I've come from the beginning of the documentary to where I am today.It is something that I never paid much attention to because I am always so hard on myself. I walked out of the cinema hall much more motivated to maximize the potential of my brand because it is not a hobby or "fun" career path that I did to earn fame & fortune from, it is my purpose in life and is entirely for my sisters around the world.

As for the film itself, it was perfectly directed and captured each of our spirit, passion, personality, and challenges. It was wonderfully edited and scripted. I personally was very impressed at how well it was done. It was truly beyond my expectations! I was sure it was going to win! I really appreciate Soniya's dedication to her work, her films and her ethical practices in everything she does. I admire her and respect her greatly. So happy that there is someone like her making our voices heard! Thank you Soniya, for your kindness and selfless giving, always. God Bless you.

Deeya Nanda
I don’t know where to start...at first i was so nervous to see the film; I was on a night shoot the day before the screening and only came home at 7am! i was too tired and at the same time was oh shit...its finally out...i didn’t even remember what all i shot as it was 3 yrs ago!! i was like oh no! what all did i say...i hope i don’t offend anyone...how did i look?...i was like aaaaaah I don’t remember anything!

So I didn’t tell anyone! i only told my parents as i was so nervous!

So here I am sitting in the cinema waiting for the film to start and shitting in my pants!,

i was amazed on how well u captured our journeys, thoughts, struggles and feelings...it was so real, i was so moved and touched just looking at myself! it all came back to me, and made me realize the strength we have and that strength is still there to carry on and never give up in something we love and we are good at! There were times in the film i was thinking to myself, damn I should have put more of an effort to look better, but then again i said to myself, this is me, this is who i am, I’m not trying to be anyone else, and what u see is what u get, and u did an amazing job in portraying 3 characters, contrasting our 3 styles, yet we all face the same challenge, and that is to be accepted.

Now I want to share this film with everyone! As people, your friends and family all look at you as this fun, party girl, who got it all going well, but what’s the truth??? That what dobuy is about, it’s about the other side that has not been seen by the world, the other side which shows our dreams, our characters, our struggles, and life beneath all the superficiality in this material word we are living in, Dubai.