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Dear Soniya,
You guys have spoilt me with professional write-ups so please correct or edit if you felt the need lol:
After filming for 2 years and never seeing even a clip of the documentary (except the promo), I was at first very nervous to see what the final cut looked and felt like. However, in a matter of minutes, not only was I at ease but I was back in history reliving my experiences and that of Zahra and Deeya's. I was excited and happy at times; sad and serious at times; and laughing or smiling at the rest. It was surreal watching myself go through all of the ups & downs and persevere. I saw myself grow and rediscover myself as a designer & visionary. I enjoyed watching my passion show on big screen; it motivated me to keep working harder and never think about stopping what I do despite of challenges that still exist. I felt humbled and grateful to experience how far I've come from the beginning of the documentary to where I am today.